Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach

This one seems a bit obvious, but how could we not mention sitting on Grace Bay Beach and enjoying the amazing beach and endless sunshine! Grace Bay Beach is annually rated in the top beaches in the world, and there is a good reason for it; it rocks!

For those who say, ‘a beach is a beach’, you simply cannot imagine the pristine beauty that is Grace Bay unless you experience it for your self. Miles of wide, powdery white sand beaches, with beautiful turquoise blue waters makes this beach truly special. Grace Bay Beach also has something a lot of world famous beaches don’t; crowds of sun worshipers. You will have your own little stretch of beach where ever you park yourself; again adding to the prestige that comes with being the World’s Best Beach!

Along Grace Bay Beach there are more than a few must see spots. Stopping in a ‘Somewhere on the Beach’ Cafe, you can enjoy a drink right in front of gorgeous coral reef that you can see right from shore. All kinds of aquatic wildlife are just a 30 second swim from the beach, making this a truly special spot. The margaritas at Somewhere are pretty special too!

So come down to Grace Bay Beach, pick out a secluded spot and forget about your troubles for a while. You will quickly figure out why Grace Bay is routinely voted the best beach in the world!

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